The George Carter Will Rogers Trail – Los Penasquitos Canyon

In April 2022, the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation held a special ribbon-cutting event for the newly named George Carter Will Rogers Trail in Los Penasquitos Canyon County Preserve, located in San Diego County. The George Carter Will Rogers Trail represents a half-mile stretch of the park, which is one of the largest and richest urban parks in the United States, stretching 12 miles and 3,700 acres.  The trail was named after George, in memory of his unique marathon trail rides and adventures riding his Saddlebred horse, Will Rogers. In addition to his trailblazing adventures, George also volunteered as a mounted equestrian patrol in the park, one of the first to patrol on horseback.

The George Carter Will Rogers Trail is accompanied by two memorial benches featuring a bronze plaque with a sketched photo of George and Will Rogers as they started their legendary ride at Dog Beach.  The two benches serve as bookends of their famous journey:

1.  Los Penasquitos Canyon Memorial Bench (close to starting point at Dog Beach)

2.  Cuyamaca Group Horse Camp Memorial Bench (ending point)

George's and Will Roger's achievements are now forever memorialized in San Diego County.

Photographs of the trail and benches are pictured below.

Memorial Trail Flyer.jpg

Memorial Plaque

Web Plaque.jpg

Memorial Bench at Los Penasquitos Canyon


Memorial Bench at
Cuyamaca State Park Horse Camp