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Fondest Memories of All - Riding my Horse, Will Rogers from Del Mar to Cuyamaca

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Having ridden throughout California, including Yosemite and Sequoia, my fondest memories have always been riding/camping in Cuyamaca State Park. We all know how precious it is to hang out with our horse and friends in such a beautiful place, and to ride and see incredible wildlife.

And, of course, my favorite part is the journey getting there! As most of you know, I ride from the beach in Del Mar to Cuyamaca State Park every year via horseback. Over the last 10 years, I’ve expanded from my standard 4-day ride by Lake Hodges and through Ramona, to a 6-day ride that heads from the beach to Penasquitos Canyon, Poway, Lakeside, Blossom Valley and Descanso to Cuyamaca.

It's so exciting riding alone with your horse through the prettiest parts of San Diego County, stopping at a different ranches/stables each nite, and hanging out with new horse friends. I highly encourage anyone that wants to journey back in time 100 years to try this adventure! The changing terrain from ocean, rivers and lakes to the rolling mountains and valleys is fascinating and truly breathtaking.

Please don't put your dreams on hold 30 years waiting for dedicated county trails. Your horse won't be around anymore. The land is public property, so enjoy it now! Recently, many parts of my journey have been adopted as dedicated trails, which is great news! By the way, you can make the ride as easy as you want by riding only a few hours a day - it will just take longer to get there.

Goodluck, from George and Will

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